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Morning Chorus (day 153)

You know me better than the truth

My scars are left peeling on the bathroom rug

And every time you wake up

you let them in with open arms.


Every time I wake up sweating

the morning chorus keeps me going

You’re winter spring summer fall

all I’ve ever been

and I keep following the clues

sewed into your fingertips


I try not to speak in superlatives

but this is the worst heaven I’ve ever had

this is the best apocalypse I could have imagined

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/28/16

Morning chorus

Radio (day 135)

Each time you leave I’m dressed in mirrors

I steal the energy you take with you

from doorbells and bluebirds and midnight decisions

and every time I find myself needing you

(it shouldn’t surprise me after so long),

I’m suddenly charged with all the robberies.


It’s a mantra I can’t help but mutter even asleep,

each time you leave I’m shot with silence,

chasing cars like they hold pieces of your electric

You can’t tell me what to be anymore but

still I’m sprinting, don’t close that gate


Sometimes it’s just a turn sideways and you’re in control,

my hands clasped tight and reflection in the rearview

I’ve always preferred the street to the sidewalk.


With a tank almost full and a straight shot skyline

this worn-down road has never been so beautiful

My heart is a golden, its head out the window,

simple and breathtaking in its pure happiness,

all I need is the exhilaration

Every time we learn to fly like this

you turn me on like the radio

and I crank up the volume.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/13/16