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Why does love hurt this much?

Is it not suppose to make you feel good?


Why does a Love so true, feel so lost and dark?

and all I want to do, is keep alive the spark!!


You are always on my mind day or night,

why doesn't this feel right?


You are the one I love so true,

but why does this make be feel so blue?


With every touch of our finger tips,

I wish I could feel you sweet soft lips.


Like the wind blowing day by day,

I wish that one day we will find our way.


You have your child on her way, a loving lady by your side,

our love is only swimming up against the tides.


We need to go our seperate ways, carry on with our lives,

no matter how hard we need to take it day by day.


I will always have you here in my Heart.


Please know, I only want whats best for you, and thats not me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I will always love you.

Please try and understand, that this will be for the best.

You only deserve the best, and you deserve to be loved unconditionally.


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I keep it in a wooden box under my bed.

It’s hidden, by my weed, and stale cigarettes.

It’s tucked away,

Away from the cold,

Away from eyes,

Away from remembering.

I’m forgetting slowly, like a tide,

The blood on my hands.

I’m forgetting the cold night where I,

A naïve, horny boy,

Gave you my sweater.


It’s like morning fog.

You returned it the next day,

It smelled like you.

And yesterday I hid it.

Tucked away,


So I forget you.

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