#love #darkness

The Dark Is The Wanted


Piercing eyes

sunk in black shadows,

a reflection

gleams in a pool of

what looks like freedom


and I take one step

into the only


left in the world


The dark is the wanted,

light means life and

laughter and

music that will

only hurt my ears.


Splashing through

streets at night,

dodging the scream of

city lights,

running until I

don’t recognize myself


Stars are a

distant memory,

a whisper of a dream

only washed over me under

city lights


I run through twilight,

through daybreak,

running from the sun


but the orange fingers


reach for my ankles,

pull at my hair,

trip my weakened legs,

leave me blinded

as the dark slips away

and I close my eyes

to wait out the hours


The dark is the wanted,

light means pain and

voices and

gunshots and


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/8/15