love crush regrets

A Love-sick Lament

Crushes and Exes

They say those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it,
But learning isn't merely as easy as knowing what not to do.

They say humans are creatures of habit and to err is human,
But making mistakes is a habit too harmful to maintain.

I told myself that I would never make this mistake again,
That I had learned that nothing good could come of this,
But the possible rewards were far too tempting.

They say that love is blind and fair, that love can conquer anything,
But how can I win in a game I know nothing of?

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It started as a crush

Couldn't even make me blush

Now it's time to say goodbye

I didn't stop to think

At first I didn't blink

Now it hurts too much

Who knew I would miss you?

And all the things you do

My heart might break in two.

Soon it will be our last day

And I can't find the words to say

How can I say goodbye?

I wish I could just confess

But I'm afraid you'll reject me

I know you don't feel the same

Your heart belongs to someone else.


So all I'll say is goodbye.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i hope you enjoy this. it was... a bit emotional

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