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Fallen from Grace

Fallen from grace,

No longer do I sit high upon the pedestal

That you had once put me

No longer am I seen as idol or mentor

Nor wanted as provider or protector

But now looked upon as an outcast

And banished from your heart


Betrayed by the one who now blinds you

With a veil of lies and deceit

That weighs on your young fragile heart

With heavy words of animosity and abhorrence


You have been trapped in a malevolent web

Of hatred and retribution

Used as an unwitting pawn

In a game of emotional chess


Your words of respect and adoration

Have been replaced by venomous accusations

Of brutality and oppression

Taught to you by the one

Who now holds the chains that bind your heart


But I will not be vanquished or deterred

By these attempts to falsify or dilute my love for you

I will be strong in my resolve and true to myself


I will not let these misguided asseverations

Destroy my confidence in knowing

That my spirit is pure and that one day

You will be able to break free from your restraints

And uncover your eyes

So you can distinguish the truth from the lies


Until that day comes I shall be waiting

Ready to stand next to you

As opposed to being on that pedestal

And walk down a new road with you

As your friend and equal

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written during a long and ugly custody battle many years ago.

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My Sweetie Without a Home

I wonder if she is on her way back 
To find me since the doors of hopes shut up in front of my face. 

Every night she sent me some kisses 
Over my atmosphere just so I could smile for the next meanness day. 

Talking to her seems sadly impossible 
Writing about her is way different to get others attention. 

With her everything looks much beautifully 
Except the flowers who dies of not being able to weep for us. 

Yet she can't be touch even from her soft 
Hands, but in my dreams I can feel herself warming my soul. 

Whenever she cook me with new sad thoughts 
I eat them with tears to find that they were really sadly tasty. 

Her heart was created out of fancy glass that 
I break it daily a cause of my craziest past that is stuck in my mind. 

I really do love to flirt with her but honestly 
I forget all romantics words since I'm single for many years a go. 

My sweetie without a home since I decided to write about her since 
My poems never had one for the imaginary loving woman. 


That wicked Apple

The Dance

If comfort is what I truly want,

Then why is destruction my only song?

It's spiraling, twisting, and decaying

Breaking away the haze I have placed


Everyone sees such brilliant love

Emanating within me from above

But dare they know the truth...

That I am ugly and obtuse


Strange in my want for wicked

Yearning for lust in exchange for sin

Banishing cries inside myself

To wander in abyss-forever left to reminisce


This beast raging and thrashing

Screaming your name which burns like lashes

My want is to sacrifice love

For chaos and passion in your arms


Please....please understand

This emerging wave of panic-

I can't contain it's mass

This enormous weight and force

Crushes the last of my soul


As it flattens and whispers remorse

As my conscience grieves for my mortal soul

Only a few moments pass

And my desire flares, bringing forth my passion



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This isn't done yet...I don't really know how to finish it. Maybe because what's inspiring it hasn't come to a conclusion either. I'm hoping I'll be able to finish it soon.