I want to make poetry

I want to make poetry not just for people to read but for me to see.

i want to look up at the sky and know theyre proud of me,
i want to look down at my kids and know theyre proud of me ,
i want to look in the mirror and know I am proud of me.
i want alot of things.
ive always wanted this thing:
this thing i think i see in movies 
this thing i thought i read in a book this word i want to have meaning 
this meaning i want to put in to words..
 i want love.
poetry seems to be the gateway because lets face it i cant sing,
hell, i wish i could dance.
all ive got are my words and theyre going so fast it's hard for me to put them in phrases or sentences anyone can understand,
but I know someone out there can. 
I want to make poetry not just for people to read,
 but for that person to understand.
 I know she does, i just dont KNOW her yet. 
And i cant wait to meet her.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first time posting anywhere.  Didnt know where to go after i heard what i did today so i ende up making this, trying to look on the brighter side of things.

be merciful.


edit: I uploaded this off of a notepad on my iPhone and there was a line or two that got deleted along the way so I've added what I remember from my first time writing this. It lost some of its personal "oomph" to me, but I needed to fix it somehow, and hopefully you never find out what line it was...

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