Lord of the Rings


I descend into the tombs,

into the crypts of old bones


I voyage deep into the darkness

into the questions that vex my mind,


I explore the abyss of myself

and fall into the bottomless pit of despair


Mining deeper and deeper into the moutain of khazaduum,

searching for that demon below of Balrong


Wanting to go all the way down as far as I can

until I reach my final destination


This curiousity; searching for answers,

looking for the myths that stir the imagination


Seeking out something unbelievable

with the proof of my own eyes


So I can finally put to rest my concerns

of things that are beyond my control. 

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"You Shall Not Pass"

The Dragon

Gondor will not fall;

these goblins,

orks and all other heathens "shall not pass"


We stand united;

to protect our middle earth

against his eternal darkness


Saurons eye will be made blind,

and our light shine once again,

for a new aeon of peace and justice.

when our king returns.



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Gollum's Tale

Just a thought!

"Gollum's Tale"


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"Gollum's Tale

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