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L^I^V^E+T^V^~UFC=216 Fight Night Live stream


Watch here: UFC 216 Live Stream.


Live Here >> http://watchhdstream.com/live/ufc/216/


In the wake of this disaster, the UFC, which is giving $1 million to influenced families, is going ahead with the main major brandishing occasion planned for this city. As anyone might expect, it's troublesome for a few contenders to deal with their nothing new directly down the road from where the most exceedingly bad mass shooting in present day American history happened. 


That is particularly valid for Las Vegas occupant Kevin Lee, who conceded at Wednesday's media day it's been a battle to move center entering the greatest battle of his profession. 


"Definitely, it's unpleasant," said Lee, who faces Tony Ferguson in the featuring between time lightweight title session. "There isn't generally much for me to state. … 


"I have a vocation to deal with. I'm not going to give one man a chance to demolish that. He's a weakling." 

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A Stranger Life

Every One Person

When you look at a person

What do you consider?

Family deaths, depression

A love forever bitter?


Do you evaluate their happiness

Theorize their life?

Or do you check out their abs

Or admire their breast size?


Not like they'd ever tell you

Not like you could care

Their lives are unimportant

To at which you could stare


This excuse is worn out

And deadly in its use

Lucky they can't hear your thoughts

Unwillingly it's loose


But however unrelated

Know them you may not

Their lives are part of them

For it they have fought


So please don't be shallow

And think about that girl

Think about that boy

And everything they've worked for

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A year later and I still laugh at the vulgar, pretentious sinking into the 'common ramble' with this one.

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