little-minded folks

Little-minded Folks


In the larger world, greater


Men are sempiternally stirred to greater


Challenges by the whirlpool of change.


But little-minded folks never cease to amaze me.


With feeble hearts tossed about by every ill wind,


They flutter to mindless frivolities


In their immediate milieu


And engage in fierce battles


Against shadows


Cast in the darkling recesses


Of their bemused minds.




Within international boundaries


Little-minded folks engage in a battle of colour.


Within national boundaries


They engage in a battle of tribe and religion.


Within state boundaries


They engage in a battle of community.


Within community boundaries


They engage in a battle of family.


And within family boundaries


They kill their own brother for nothing.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a two-versed poem penned by me on the way to my office at 7:15 Am, 25th June 2013. Once again I wondered how much trouble the world has seen in the hands of persons whose minds rarely transcend the mundane.

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