Last night we attended a vigil…it was entitled Lights for Liberty

It was set up to protest the treatment of immigrants 

who have come to America to be safe, to be happy…to be free.


I’m sad to admit when we were about to leave we looked out in our back yard

and for a moment thought about not going…it was raining a little too hard.


We thought about not going to this protest…

protesting centers where children’s basic needs are not being met

because it was too windy…

to rainy…

We thought of not going…because we might get a little too wet!


And it made me wonder have we become too jaded

has treating people this way become so much the norm

that when given the chance to stand up and fight

we might not go…because of a little storm?


We live in a wonderful country 

where our freedom is constantly on display

but it’s up to those of us who are free here

to keep fighting to keep it this way…


To raise our voices in protest

To light a candle for the whole world to see

To stand up and not sit down again 

until everyone in this country is free.


So we ventured out in spite of the rain

we sang songs, lit our candles too

and we added our voices to the voices of others

speaking for the ones…no one is listening to.


And now that the candle has been lit

may we never again let complacency make us forget what this protest is about!

And my we never again let a little rain…

or the inhumane policies of our government

douse that flame 


or blow our candle out.

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