Dawn takes away night's darkness,

Spring bids Winter goodbye,

Lush green grass covers the grounds.


I am a lonely man now,

Left to just myself,

Without a friend or lover.


Amusements fill the whole world,

But not so for me,

I have my old home.


Flower shows, exhibitions,

Get-togethers of friends,

Fun and frolic everywhere.


Mornings are just mornings now,

I must pray to God,

For giving me back my friends.


A pretty damsel waits for me,

True, loyal, demure,

But beyond the looming seas.


Often this question nags me,

When will my days change?

When Spring's joys will be mine too.


A friend, the best of them all,

Even though two others,

Are there, but quite far from me.


True love and loyal  friendship,

Now linked just by phones,

No jovial company.


In this time of loneliness,

The heart longs and longs,

For some jokes, music, laughter.


My friend living in Swansea,

Thousands of miles in between,

I have to reach out to him.


Not so long ago we shared,

Sandwiches, burgers, music,

Ah! The fun we all would have.


"You are so good, accomplished".

My pretty damsel says,

"Why then so down and depressed"?


I wish I could fly to her,

And spend, hand in hand,

My heart relishing the time.


As Chris de Burgh sings softly:

"If I had wings to fly,

"I 'd be with you tonight".


But this is just a poet's dream,

And she too knows it,

At least her love is still there.


Then my pal in Karachi,

Is busy with his wife,

Bound in matrimony.


My other friend, even he too,

Once so free, now busy,

Finds no time to spend with me.


I am left with memories,

Which make me think how,

The present has gulped the past.


It is like a sharp arrow,

This drifting of time,

Desert like my present life.


Television, radios,

DVD players, movies,

All this riff raff not for me.


I want to love and be loved,

Be it day or night,

Without a worry near in sight.


Embrace my fair beloved,

When time matters not,

Nor the fear of destiny.


Go on a beach trip,

Or on a romantic drive,

Or being me-we, we-me.


To be bound by time is tough,

And age trapped in clocks,

While the cosmos is so free.


I am not Wordsworth,

To enjoy daffodils,

I want my beloved with me.


The clouds overhead get darker,

And raindrops are music,

Ah! My lovely lovely she.


All I have with me is God,

Each heartbeat tells Him,

You can end my misery.


Take me to my beloved lass,

Make Spring shower love,

Make my dreams my destiny.


For love is your gift,

In fact, your one greatest gift,

Which gives the world its beauty.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Having been separated from my childhood and teenage year friends and my beloved these lines dawned on me like a revelation. It is true that there is no love without beauty; no joy without true friends and certainly no beauty without the embellishing charm of true love.

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