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The one that stares at stars,
Walks while we pass by cars,
Does nothing because he has no bars,
From afar he’s as red as mars,
And yet we don’t question ours,
As we have our own surface,
We stay blinded, deaf to our purpose,
We think that with nothing we will resurface,
We don’t realize we add burden,
Just because we’re uncertain,
We forget about Verdun,
We don’t show no concern,
From the inside we burn,
But we never learn,
We just wait for our turn,
Don’t dear doing danger,
Clear case come changer,
Some say stay stranger.



We are never abashed,
We don’t realize that that car has crashed,
And feelings were trashed,
And we cowards have dashed,
We chose to abdicate,
To the truth we abnegate,
We don’t even abrogate,
We think that to war we will acclimate,
Our life we must activate,
We’re happy to be adequate,
And we stay silent, never to advocate,
And we just aggravate,
Peace must be aggregate,
Our identity must be animate,
And we must allocate,
The pain we shall annotate.

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Trapped in a world


A world where people think about themselves...


A world where no one cares...


A world full of fallen dreams...


A world full of war and love...


A world that can not live by itself...


A world that should learn to live...


A world that thinks up but is down...


A world that needs peace...


A world depleted of creativity...


A world that is its self in one place...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes people take things to far, but we are us and we are the world.

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Poem posted by you

Life. It's only made of one person. 

Put into many bodies.
Called "every one",
Because actually "every one"
Is just "one" person,
Simply put into every body,
Which is why we call them "every body."

We call ourselves "human being,"
Which should be said "who-I-am being"

You call me "you" because
I am you.
And you call yourself "I" because 
you are I too.

Don't you see we are the same person?
And for some reason we get confused,
And think we are two.
That there is just me, and just you.

So you hurt me,
And ignore me,
And use me.
Without realizing,
It's you that you're abusing!

Sometimes you think your life is the only life you are experiencing,
That what i feel is not a feeling.
But don't you see how you feel is how i feel too.
And the eyes you are seeing with i am seeing through.
We maybe in two bodies but we are not two people,
We are just viewing life from the position we are viewing.
Until the day you are where i am currently,
And i am the one reading this poem you just finished posting.

So if anything left to myself i wish to address,
You are the universe, 
And all who inhabit it.
Never forget the words I just posted,
Never forget the words you just read.
Because if you do,
You will continue to abuse yourself
And I myself. 

Every time you look at another human being.
Say to yourself, 
"This is who-i-am being"
And be kind to that person.
And be kind to yourself.
Because that person is you,
And the person you are is me.

And maybe some day, the whole world
Will stop abusing itself. 

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