In the comfort of my boat…as on the water I did float

under a cloud filled sapphire sky

From my spot upon the river wide…up ahead along the riverside

one particular tree captured my eye.


I have always been enthralled…how the trees grow straight and tall

How together they create such a beautiful sight

but something was awry…and the tree that caught my eye

was not straight…but leaning to the right.


Yet rooted to the land…this tree continued to look grand

even leaning as it did it still stood tall

For I am must now report…two trees were offering support

using their branches they would not let him fall.


The first tree did astound…it was lying on the ground

and caught the falling tree to help it stop

The second tree still standing with it’s open arms expanding

caught the falling tree nearer to its top.


And I had to smile at the sight…how nature does things right

how she uses all she has to save a tree

And the way, like birds of a feather, trees will work together

is a wonderful and beautiful sight to see.


And I thought we can learn a lot…all that nature knows and taught

for as to life…she seems to hold the keys

For wouldn’t it be grand….if one day we came to understand


How trees stand taller when they stand with other trees

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Trees are known for the fruits they bear.

Flowers for their distinctive bouquets.

Waterfalls are known for their overflowing beauty.

Bees for their honey and ballet.


Oceans are known for their vastness.

The sun and the moon for their light.

Clouds are known for their wispiness.

Birds for the elegance of flight.


Meadows are known for their peacefulness.

Mountains for peaks tall and grand.

Rivers are known for their perpetual currents

Beaches for their endless sand.


It seems nature has given everything in her domain 

traits to be adored.

Which makes me wonder what’s the one trait

humans are famous for?


Oh, if we could only stop our hatred of one another,

stop our discrimination and our wars,

wouldn’t it be wonderful if when we’re finally gone

it was kindness we were remembered for?


Then we could proudly take our place in nature…

like sunlight peeking through the trees

If only kindness could be as natural to humans


as honey is to the bees.

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