Out On A Ledge

Love, Romance





Out on a ledge amongst the darkness if it so be,

I shall stand on the smallest ridge

To catch a moonbeam from thine love!

I shall proclaim unto thine heart

Through thou most endearing love from above,

For thine wings have weathered such rains of rath,

Whilst flying high above each cloud!!

And though thy heart is weary,

Thou stands sheltered with love's shroud.


Mine, 'tis a pilfered heart aglow, whilst not beside thee!

Scourged by astral storms that cache thy eyes from mine!

Nay, my love! I shant fall trite or whimsy!

For thine love that drew us near,

N'er once became thus flimsy

Through all thine days and nights,

Of burning embers, stoked with gusts of rumbling winds!

On these thine mantels of thou heavens' fortress

'Tis thou place where all great love begins!



Author's Notes/Comments: 


All lasting love begins somewhere Celestial.



This poem inspired by Dove's Poem:


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