karma is blind

good deeds are like sex to the devil...

Broken and bruised

not bad enough it seems

apparently there is room for more. 

Each good deed,

counter measured and trampled on twice

Just to make sure?

Even the gadgets and machines dont work.

Each stab echos through the heart.

Every turn brings a new devastation.

A lower low,

A deeper pain

Selfish cruel acts inspired by the tricks of evil

Driven by fear and envy

Like a dark rabid dog sniffing for a bitch on heat

Good must be broken, 

Devils got a hard-on for killing me softly

the slithering phallus crawling up your leg

The scent of fuck wreaks 

Rape is in the air 

 i should be broken 

i should care, 

But not tonight. 


Im feeling alright!

I got the beat of the Eye of the Tiger

rolling in my brain

Im facing my demons with a smile

Im ready for the thrill of the fight

Dancing is my gift tonight 

Sneaky devil put his cards in

and i pulled the aces out

The joker is my friend and thats 21

I've done the right thing inside and out.

What I've wronged,

I've made right

Next move. 

I'm playing to win 

I got light in my soul

Hope in my heart

It's gonna be ok and I'm gonna be alright

The devil's going home alone tonight

I'm doing good not falling into the trap

Not taking part of all the loser crap.

I'm walking on solid ground

i know the skies are bright blue

under those dark clouds

 im making love alright, 

You bring the terror,

I'll Bring the fight.







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