None can stand insult,

Mainly the ones with a spine!

No matter if one is rich or poor,

One deserves behaviour fine.


If one is offended,

It is like taking his soul away,

Indeed vindictive he will be,

In his effort to feel okay!

Do not insult anyone,


Not even for fun.

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The Insult!!!



You what, what the f*** did you call me,


Come over here and knock me out pussy.


Let’s see what you have got,


Let’s see your flow,


Let’s see what style you know.


You throw a punch at me,


And I will hit you with three.


Finish you off real quick,


With a sickle kick.


But why start with me, peaceful Phil?


I turn my head and walk away.


It’s all ok, this happened in my mind,


Let go of this he was only taking the p***

Walk away,


Be the bigger man,


Focus on the master plan.


Chill out and relax,


Let the problems pass.



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Minding My Business


    Somewhat askew, questions invade the conversation,
                         An icy cold pause is injected,
        Pangs of affliction are sensed but unassumed,
                        Slowly, the doors close shut,
    The muffled sounds of arrogance vibrate through the hall,
             Without warning, footsteps, a man walks out,
                 A slamming door leaves a biting insult,
           I don't even know them, and I wasn't even there,
                                 So why do I care?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't know for sure, but I don't think anyone likes discord, or maybe they do.

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