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I saw a young boy today, trapped within a cage of bones 

His body glowed, but the light in his eye was snuffed out,  

I looked, and I saw, I saw when I looked, 

That the cage I saw was the cage of ribs of a grown man, 

He crossed his arms and slouched his back 

Fear was in his eye on that day that he died. 

The boy inside of him, he screamed, and he cried, 

He pulled and yanked on his cage, his lifeforce drained from him, 

Blood and innocence. It drained from his eyes, he struggled and bled his last breath 

And fell silent knowing that joy was trapped in the loose cage of the young boy within him. 

A spirit fell upon the man and loosened the constriction on the boy, he opened his eyes  

And laughed. 

Light came back and overflowed the cage, his heart was beating, his soul was saved. 

The boy now lives today, rescued from death's vice, a hero to the man, the day he moved from death to life. 

Let us live today as children, love the light and move forward from death to life, being fearful to evil and fighting the good fight, that spirit was the spirit of my loving lord, Jesus Christ. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just hit with some inspiration


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