My First Cig Puff!

Holding that slender stick in between two fingers
The curvy wavy light smoke in air lingers

I remember my how I first held its butt between my lips
An air of curiosity travelled down my core, as I lighted its tip

I looked at the lit cigarette and with pride took my first puff
Smoke dint seem finding space inside and I burst out, it made me cough

That challenged me to attempt once again, this time I felt my smoke-filled chest
I was gagged, hooked for a moment; it was kind of a head rush… at its best!

That whiff of smoke was a game changer, not letting me avoid one puff
Hell! It dint taste good, then why doesn’t puff after puff seem enough?

I was addicted! Seasons didn’t matter, time did no harm
Rushed to a clandestine zone after sensing ‘quench the flame’ alarm!

I am not bad. It’s a compelling force, I cannot shun away
It should just not invite my grave, be my well-wisher and pray!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health