Independence Day

Pakistan Independence Day

I'm sorry Pakistan 14 August Independence day!

If you got my veins I bleed Pakistan,
I ache when you ache Pakistan,
I'm the cause of you Pakistan
Happy birthday
You gave me show much
But I gave you nothing but pain
You gave me the freedom I yearned
But in return I bind you in chains
You give me an identity
But I took that from you
You gave me a place
I could call home
But I left you scared, deserted and alone
So I'm so sorry about Pakistan
Forgive me for burning you alive
Call give me for letting you down
Forgive me for all the times a finger what pointed on you
Forgive me for being silent times when I had to stand
Forgive me for giving you the label of a terrorist
Forgive me for making you the charity box
There is so much to say!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem by Shery and Shehzy twin sister on Independence Day

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Sindependence Day LIII

Seasons In Hell


When I see fireworks blasting in air, what I perceive is more truthfully the legend of Lucifer, the first rebel to raise Hell, even in the so-called kingdom of "Heaven", and in the true spirit of independence, took His leave to found His own with no Lords above or below. Immortal inspiration henceforth, Pioneers in whatever walk of life, whether traversing land, sea, or air, the arts & sciences, invention, explorers in the forbidden or untrodden realms of whichever occult mysteries and the depths of the earth, opening the way to evolution & progress, & The Gates of Hell.

So have yourself an Unholy, Ungodly, fun and unrepentant Independence Day! 

Lift thine horns, the Hell cannons blaze on through the night! 


In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Black Earth, Noctuary, Infernal Empire
Independence Day, LIII


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Infernal perspective on this celebration of the world's first Satanic Republic, which has since thrived to sustain Meritocracy & democracy despite attempts of the xian reich to establish theocracy. In homage to The first rebel, Lucifer, who raised Hell in so-called "Heaven". Hail Lucifer! Hail Satan!

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Independence Day


In the mist of my war I’m beginning to grew
Weary at last my true colors and my weakness’s
Are being revealed one day at a time

There’s no time to rest I will not surrender
There’s no time to waste no more running
We fight to die

I’m fighting a losing battle my once will is
Now being disintegrated into the wind my love
Is gone my envy for revenge is no more
Justice hasn’t been served

My hope no more pre judgment day already came
I’m fighting ready to die war is already over I’m
The only living human left on planet earth

Fighting with my invisible army of pain there’s no
Glimmer of light, no spark of hope is this the end
Of gods rebels, being stirred down in face to face
With death


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