It is there,


You see it in a flash,


And your heart races,


Because you do not know if after it passes,


You will be the same.




All you have ever learned


Has told you that


To join in and merge


Is partly to be maimed,


Lost forever into


Some new conglomerate


Of the new you.




And you said,


"Oh no, not me",


And moved on to the next phase


Of nothingness.


Because ignorance is 


Supposed to bliss,


A kiss,






Then it happens,


Syzygy's sweltering dark cloud


Hauntingly seeps into you


Like lying on a bed of nails,






You are in love with someone,


And it is nothing like anyone ever told you.






And then you learn it's no big deal,


You are still driving your own vehicle,


Like the sign on the interstate...

















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