in the beginning

I Am The Word;

When this world ends of existence you
will find me in the thoughts of the
creator; I am the
word, and I was born-

In the beginning, before the Big Bang,
the creator gave the command and I
exploded; time was created! then I
was ordered to divide the clouds and I divided them; clouds above
in the sky, water down below; the
oceans', seas', rivers', streams', lakes',
and ponds'-

7 days were written, but it was 8; the
creator took two days off! and I did all
the work! While the creator rested,
orders were given- I moved mountains
with featherweight, I gave the stars
their sparkle, galaxies their universe,
and universe their planets-

The air that Adam breathed in, was me;
I am the word, and I was born from the
thoughts of the creator....
Through the ages of time, I, the word
was spoken to mankind by the creator;

I was the words Moses heard spoken
from the burning bush. I was the orders
given to Jonah to build the Ark- I am the
names of every animal and species on
this planet, the galactic dust in space
bares me, the naked truth, the naked

The words heard in the creator's son's
disciples teachings detailed me- I am
the word, and I was given to mankind
too spread to the four corners of the
world, to educate every ear that could
hear, become sign language to the
deaf and mute, and braille reading for
the blind-

Mankind has manipulated me to their
best interest, changing me, the word,
to define their sins and actions as just.
My worth had power and authority once;
no contracts were written, I was
respected and honored-

When I was spoken the earth would
quake, and the sky would thunder. Too
many, I am worthless; meaningless words.
I am confused. Spoken as lies, I am the
word that has lost its truth and direction-

I am every word in the Bible...nowadays,
too many editions have been written,
too many to be considered holy-
Prayers include me; with little or no faith,
your prayers are never answered, I am
never heard...the word, through the ears
of the creator-

Pay attention to me now, non-believers,
in the armageddon, I will be your only
savior from the pathos you will witness,
only through me, in praise, will you reach
nirvana...deny the word, deny me, and
you will feel the wrath of the creator, for
I am the word, and the word was born,
I was born!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was born, I am the word.

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In the beginning there was one
then there was two thus
creating life
we are all part of that event
it takes all of us to complete
the one, or the whole
what effects one effects all
some day each one of us
must return to complete the one
many times on our journey
we will search for our soul-
we tend to want to renew that
connection.This completes the
when the treasures have been
and the mission has been
as in the beginning in the
we all must return  from
where we came
back to the master planner                
our GOD.


 copyright heather burns

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