Some days when I wake up I like to take the time

(I’ve done this since I was a boy)

To list some things…perhaps in rhyme

that always bring me joy


It always begins and ends with family

Wife, children…grandchildren all

and then there’s the myriad of friends I’ve had

some…from a time when I was small.


I love flying in a plane;

the first glimmers of sunlight;

I love the smell after a rain;

a cricket symphony at night


I love ketchup on my eggs

(some people think that’s awful!);

I love playing mumblety-peg; 

I love ice cream on a waffle.


I love watching a child sleep; 

I love walking along the sand;

I love the softness of a sheep;

I’ve always loved holding hands.


I love the smell of sunscreen;

I love a grandma’s squeeze;

I love a mountain, a valley…a ravine;

I love sunflowers in the breeze.


I love watching pelicans fly across the water

sometimes two and three abreast;

I love walking on a deserted beach

as the sun sets in the west.


Yes, It never fails when I take a moment

and this simple philosophy employ…

List some of the things I love in rhyme


and start each day in joy.

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