There were bright lights
from the ceiling
once it got
dark outside


and when big Ted
brought in
the sandwiches
for tea or supper


or whatever
they called it
I sat next to Christine
on one


of the double sofas
and she looked
at the plates
of sandwiches


that were laid
on the table
and said
usual boring stuff


I’m not eating
I’d rather starve
big Ted said
O come on


young lady
we've got
to get you well again
and out of this ward


he offered her
a ham sandwich
real ham
he said


not that tin stuff
she looked at him
don't fancy meat
she said


he took up
a cheese sandwich
he said


good stuff
I’ve tasted it
in the kitchen


I could eat a horse
I said
taking the cheese sandwich
no horse sandwiches today


Ted said smiling
Christine gazed at me
then at the plate
of sandwiches


it's an effort to eat
she said
I should be coming home
from my honeymoon now


if the fuck hadn't left me
at the altar
done my head in
Ted raised his eyebrows


is there anything
I can get you other
than sandwiches?
they've got


sausage rolls downstairs
all dressed
in my wedding dress
with flowers


and waiting
and he doesn't show
I take a ham sandwich
his loss


I said
he must be missing a screw
not to wed you
she gazed at me


then took
a cheese sandwich
and ate
Ted frowned


and walked off
to get the teapot
and coffee pots
and cups


from the trolley
you'll find someone
I said
don't think


I want anyone now
think I'll become a nun
or missionary
in some far off land


sexless and taking care
of others
she sat eating
in silence for a moment


or two
not sure
I could go long
without sex


come to think of it
she took a ham sandwich
with one hand
and placed a hand


on my thigh
with that dull light
in her green blue
left eye.

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