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Me Against The Peers

Waking up looking at my TV blaring loud cartoons.
Cleaning up my room getting ready for school.
Hoping I won't get involve in another interlude.
I just want to get through the day unscathed.
I just want to run away to a better place.
But I'm here for eight hours a day and five days a week.
So of course on weekends I'm free from the belligerence.
Still I'm eager to get back to the school house.
To continue my prowl to be the best I can ever be.
If I have to do this me against the peers!
I'm going to persevere as long I have my pen and pad.
Moving pass these negative hacks! Tolerance is a personality trait they lack!
They could rip me heartless but my mind and soul remains intact.
That's fact when I'm under verbal attack by my peers.
I never present fear though I don't have false pride.
I'm not letting my mind get comprised by malignant ties!

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The lies they tell

"It'll all be ok" they say

As eyes bleed tears of pain they create

They throw us into glass cages and watch as we crumble away to make for the perfect little parrots

They teach us to duck our heads and follow the leader

For those who claim 'foul' are beaten back with bloody battons

They sign away our fates on little pink slips

And shake their heads and tell us to walk in line

Don't think. Don't speak. Just walk and smile

The black and blue ripples each grin leaves on the soul

Daily you must return, through parental coaxing and legal forcing

They try to smooth out those rough edges with a torrent or disbelief and hate

They grab your neck and drag you towards that 4 or 5, that A

As if you will starve without it

As if they care

They slam us against that glass and tell us to BECOME

A lone voice calls out mercy

They smile with razor teeth and say "It'll all be ok"

They close their eyes to the horrors they cause

They tell us they are making us stronger

As they rip

and tear

chunks of us off

They silently nod as others take these wounds and pounce

They preach "get over it" with whispers and nudges

They let the strong parade

As the weak fall

All power and purpose get ripped away and so much worth is crushed and spread

To trip and rip the kids still left

To imbibe the blood of countless struggling

To absorb the kick of feet

and to push against the skin to bloom the black and blue

'Get up" they call "get up and thrive"

How can we thrive less than alone?

They put glass in our food

And blood on our skin and say "It'll all be ok"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I edited my earlier phrase into this. XD Sorry for the length. 

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