#high school #lonely #insomnia #depression

The Prison

Sharp sounds blearing in my ears as i’m jolted wide awake

Rushing to get ready, out of fear of being late

Walking down the halls; anxiety coursing through my veins

Judgement in their cold eyes, from which I yearn to be free

Ringing of the bells, swarms of bodies, i’m surrounded in a sea

Claustrophobia; Anthropophobia; Agoraphobia

From which my nightmares are founded

But I’m stuck on this ride, to whoses seat i am bounded

Slices of cheese on wheels; with leathery umber seats

Time ticks by slowly as blurs of green are seen flying

Plastic smile on my face, while inside I am dying

Finally home and yet the peace still doesn’t set in

Dinner eaten; body washed; the clock strikes 10’ o'clock

Laying down in the darkness, but my brain still can't stop

Embraced in the soft warmth of blankets that can’t numb the pain

The hours tick by; eyes closed; still unable to get enough sleep

Sharp sounds blearing in my ears; repeat...repeat...repeat