#Heartbreak #sad


dont ask



You break my heart

over and over again.

Why am i still here?

Why do i deal with you?


You lie all the time.

You say you'll be there


you're not.


I can't seem to escape

from this

from this hearbreak


I try to be strong

but its hard. 

I want to leave

but can I?


Can i leave behind

so many friends?

Will they accept my choice?


Maybe not 


I love the warmth 

I love the space 

I love you and your joyous face


 I miss the Night

I miss the days 

Secured in your warm embrace


 I couldnt speak 

I was so meek 

So scared that you would turn and leave


 I gave you all

I gave your wish

And chased the things i feared to face


All for you i gave 

And i took my freedom to the grave 

Just so you could feel embraced


I built you a foundation

I gave you my power

I secured your tearous soul 

And entrusted with you my whole 


But when the cold frost of trouble arose 

And i depended on you the most

You turned away and left me alone


So you say you love me

As you use my body and walk away


So you beg to say theres no one else 

Yet they still get all over you everyday


 And a wall forms between me

And all of which my heart was poured


It really is an intricate piece of art

The way you used me as a floor


Walking over me with all your dirt

As i supported 


And when I cracked

Your jagged actions picked at me further


Thinking that your sticky sweet honey words

would keep me together forever


 but those small pitiful society of ants came

they spread and got to me


i was picked

i was tricked

and i crumbled 

till your foundation fell apart 


But you were already fine

and i became quite a feast for society to dine




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