#Heartbreak #Jealousy


The sun shines bright 
When you're near me 
The skies are clear 
And you just tear me 

You overwhelm me with your smile 
I will do anything for you! 

I hope this isn't for a while 
Can't feel your love, I hope it's true 

When I'm with you, I lose the time 
Or even better - it takes a loss of me 

What are they, blue or lime? 
Don't stand there like a tree! 

I asked about your eyes 
Or are they covered with your lies? 
Don't be my guest, don't feel that free! 

So... is it bad to be so jealous 
I thought it was a sign of love 

Tell me the truth! He fellows... 
Has love been gifted from above? 

Or was it send down like a plague? 
All what you've said i know was fake! 
So here it ends 
I take the strings back in my hands 

You've broke my love but not my heart 
You've missed your only poisined dart 

It's over, go away 
Goodbuy, Farewell! 
Forget my name 
And go to Hell!! 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a very old one too, remember writing it around nine or eight yrs ago

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