Hair loss

12 Bad Habits That Can Lead To Hair Loss

Hair loss is mainly caused for natural reasons. DHT hormone-blocking is for these reasons. Again genetic alopecia cause hair fall. Sometimes stress and lack of vitamins can also cause hair loss. Sometimes some uses of skin care products cause hair fall. These skin products contain selenium sulfide that causes scalp infection. As a result of it, your hair follicles will be damaged largely. You will lose a huge amount of hair for that. Again some bad habits can cause hair fall. Here are given below 12 common bad habits of you: 

1. Excessive stress:
Depression and stress are common in human life. It is more in men than women. Men are the only earning member in most of the families. Women just manage family finance and needs. In your leading life, you will have a lot of reasons for stress. But sometimes you become more tensed with a simple matter. This is the reason why you lose hair more and more. The hair loses then become a reason for your stress. As a result of it, you will lose hair and become bald. 

2.Poor feeding:
Most of the time girls love to take fast foods. They also prefer taking fizzy drinks. In the restaurants, you will find women to take such unhealthy foods. These poor diet foods cannot supply proper vitamin in your body organs. If you continue poor feeding, it can affect your hair follicles. As a result of it, you will face hair fall. Some men and women take high vitamin and protein-containing foods. An excessive amount of vitamin can also damage your hair follicles and scalp skin. 

3. Use of hairstyle tools:
Women use heat machine to dry hair after washing. Again some use of an electronic comb to make hair wavy. Some prefer combing or rolling hair using machines. Excessive use of these tools makes hair strands weak. So you will face abnormal hair fall with that. Some tools are used to make designs in hair. If you use these tools only once or twice a week, then it’s okay. But over and overuses of these tools can cause great harm to your hair and scalp. 

4. Excessive use of hair products:
You can use hair products only for your needs. Among this only shampoo is mostly used. Women use hair products more than the men. This is because they prefer good looking hair. So my message is only for girls to stop using hair products. Most of the hair products cause risky chemicals. You have better to use mild shampoo or conditioner. When you have hair fall, you can try the best volumizing shampoo "amplixin". It is safe to use as it does not contain sulfate and paraben. 

5. Smoking all the time:
Smoking is a bad habit for most of the men. There are also a few women who do smoke. Smoking contains toxic which is called nicotine. This nicotine can stop blood circulation in hair follicles. Again it causes great damage to skin by absorbing the moisture of your skin. Without moisture, your scalp will become dry. It will cause dandruff on the scalp and later you will face great hair fall. Sometimes excessive smoking can cause cancer on the scalp that can cause hair fall. 

6. Swimming in the pool:
You can do swim in the pond. But swimming for a long time in the water reduces blood circulation. Even it makes hair scalp more wet and soft so the moisture from your scalp will be removed instantly. You can just spend 1-2 hours to do bath in the pool. If you do a bath under the shower, you cannot spend huge time there. Researchers have examined that about 67 expert swimmers are expert. Again 54 are not expert in swimming. Mostly non-swimmer are 61% who been attacked by hair discoloration symptom. 

7. Color treating hair:
Some women prefer treating hair by color. Men have also treated their hair with colors. These colors contain very effective chemicals. If you treat your hair with color most of the time, it can affect your scalp. That is why you will lose hair great in amount. You can only color when you join a party or occasion. It is better to keep on with natural hair condition. 

8. Teasing hair:
You can do reckless teasing or backcomb with the hair. This will make your hair weak. After wearing a hair, you cannot re-comb it in the back position. The hair may have tangle which you cannot comb easily. Every time women try to modify the hair. This modification creates pressure in the hair follicles. As a result of it, you may lose those hairs. 

9. Wearing hairstyle:
Women make different hairstyles wearing hair. They can modify hair by wearing different sorts of hairs. If it is used most of the time with hair, it will damage hair. You need to pull hair to adjust artificial hair with your real. This pulling pressure can weaken hair follicles. It will later cause hair fall for you.  

10. Setting up hair bands:
You can set up hair bands on your hair to look awesome. It is actually to hold the hair from coming to your eyes. Some men also wear hair bands on hair. But it does not cause any infect on short hair. When women wear bands on long hair it uproots some hair. It is when they try to remove it from the hair.

11. Combing wet hair:
Wet hair should not be combed. The wet hair also keeps the hair follicles wet and soft. It takes a few hours to restore hair follicles. It is better if you try combing or brushing hair after three hours of bathing. 

12. Washing with hot water:
It is really risky to wash hair with hot water. In the cold countries, people do it. But it should not be made a habit. Excessive heat can absorb the moisture of your scalp. So you will lose hair great in amount. 

If you want to keep your hair safe, you should give up these bad habits. You can try these things only a few times. Also, you should take care of hair while you are using shampoo, conditioner or oil to improve it. You must check for the brand and its ingredients before you apply it on your scalp.

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