Over the weekend our two youngest grandchildren came to our house to stay

(the two older ones no longer live at home and their parents were away).


We laughed, we ate, we walked, we danced

they played on our computer in between

and we noticed, after we returned them home,

they’d left their fingerprints on its screen.


And when we saw their fingerprints we sighed

thinking how the moments they now stay with us are few…

how they’ve grown up so quickly…

Wasn’t it only yesterday when they were 2?


With the two older grandchildren off at college

and the the two youngest growing fast

we try our best, when we get together,

to make each moment last…


Their lives now take them in different directions 

to different places…new routines

and we wait patiently with net in hand…

to capture moments in between…


Which is why we have decided to preserve 

this latest moment in between…

to make it last a little longer…


and keep their fingerprints on our screen.