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Latest Comedian Movie of 2017 “The Big Sick”

"The  Big Sick" is an American romantic comedy film, which has released on June 23, 2017. This Movie is written by Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon. Get full story by full free movie download , the story is based on the real life romance between Nanjiani and Gordon, In which they follow an interracial couple that has to deal with their cultural differences. In this movie, there have many star cast who has played the renewed role in this movie like as Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter, Ray Romano, Adeel Akhtar and Anupam Kher.

In this movie, we have been shown that Kumail is a comedian which lives in Chicago. He tries to make it in the industry while driving for Uber in his spare time. He belongs from traditional Pakistani Muslim family and his family regularly set Kumail up with various Pakistani women in hopes of continuing the tradition of an arranged marriage. During one of his shows, Kumail is disturbed by just one woman named Emily from all the listeners.


During his relationship grows, Kumail begins to worry about telling his family because he wants to know that they would disapprove and disown him. Emily gets a cigar box in a Kumail's room which contains the pictures and information of all the women his parents have set him up with and confronts him with it. When Kumail says he is uncertain seeing a future with her, then she thinks to end of her relationship.

A few weeks later, Kumail gets a call from Emily's friend and he says to kumail to sit with Emily in the hospital where she has been taken after fainting. When he arrives, then doctor urgently informs to him that Emily has a serious lung infection and must be placed in a medically induced coma. He signs in the permission form and he calls of Emily's parents, Beth and Terry. When they arrive a hospital, they assure Kumail that he is no longer needed, but he chooses to stay. Eventually he worked with Beth and Terry.

The infection was spreading to Emily's kidneys. Beth wants to transfer Emily to a different hospital, but Kumail and Terry disagreed. The next morning, Kumail's parents surprise him at his place and they angry that he is not taking their marriage suggestions seriously. Kumail say to them that he does not want an arranged marriage and revealed his relationship with Emily. His parents got angry and disappointed and they refused of his marriage decision with Emily. After that Kumail says to his parents that he will further increase his career, then Kuamil have received the terry's Phone call and he tells him that the infection has now reached the Emily's heart. Kumail emotionally distraught because he talks about his fear that Emily will die.

The next day, Emily awakens from the coma. The doctors explain that she has adult-onset Still's disease, a diagnosis that Kumail had inadvertently suggested when he mentioned to a nurse that Emily had ankle pain a few months ago. After their break-up, Emily tells to leave Kumail. Beth invites Kumail and Emily's into a welcome home party. In private, Kumail asks Emily to take him back. But Emily refused to him.


Trying to move on from everything, Kumail excited to move to New York City with his closest friends on the comedy scene and you must download free full movie. Before he leaves, he performs in his one man show and detailing his life and Pakistani culture that he tells of his family about his plans to leave the city but he does not allow to his family to disown her. Emily later discovers the video of a Kumail's disastrous showcase and she decides to visit him at his one man show, where he reveals that he is moving quickly.  Although disappointed with him, she tells to Kumail that she appreciates to everything he did for her while she was in a coma. At a performance in New York City, Kumail is disturbed by someone in the crowd, whose name is Emily.

Top 10 Hollywood 3D Movies

Although cinema has always fascinated people for almost a century, and has a phenomenal story that you can check for yourself in previous articles such as " the 10 most relevant films in history, " we cannot lose sight of it Of an industry that all the time seeks to reinvent itself, and that has been making the most of all the technologies that are at its service.

Indeed, in these times we find that one of the main technological incorporations that has come to the cinema is the 3D, that is, the ability of the viewer to observe all events occurring on the big screen in three dimensions, and That as a consequence, feel that he is in the same place where the action takes place, which obviously enriches his experience of entertainment on full movie downloads site.

Precisely for this reason, and knowing that a good amount of public practically does not want to enjoy a new film if it is not in three dimensions, we have decided to carry out an article in which we compile the ones that we believe are the 10 best films Produced to be seen in 3D. And attention, because there are not only proposals for the smallest, but also for the whole family.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009)

If you've already seen a three-dimensional animated film we do not even have to tell you how the experience of enjoying the drawings changes, and there's no doubt that Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a great example of it, with incredible bright colors, Food that will open the appetite for sure, and characters that will make us spend a really entertaining time with our little ones.


Up (2009)

Pixar is one of the film studios that has been doing things for some time, and of course, one of those who first bet at the time to launch a production especially designed for three dimensions. Up is the living proof of it, a cartoon tape that also has an argument entertaining, and with this type of technology, it does not stop showing off.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

Beyond an incorporation of technology as salient as the arrival of the three dimensions, we have no doubt that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey own weight in the world of the cinema. In this case, director Peter Jackson took one of the great novels of JRR Tolkien to take it to the big screen taking full advantage of the 48 frames per second, so that we get overwhelmed by the closeness of the action.

Beowulf (2007)

Beowulf is the first of all films made to be seen in three dimensions, at least from the point of view of its chronological release. Around this film we have to say that even many came to wonder if the Angelina Jolie that appeared on the scene was real or the product of an animation. In any case, if we wanted to know how the three dimensions could change the perspective of the human body, this was the film.

Prometheus (2012)

Ridley Scott is one of those directors who are always worth stopping, and when it comes to the three dimensions, Prometheus is probably one of the movies that lovers of the saga Alien should not fail to see. With special emphasis on the depth of the spaces as well as the shape and size of objects, although the film unfolds in an environment of total darkness, the genre science fiction looks perfectly in this film.

The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

On more than one occasion the 3D technology has adapted to stories that already had a place in history, as it happens on this occasion with The Adventures of Tintin, through an adaptation to the times that are very well achieved by Steven Spielberg And Peter Jackson, allowing the character's always amusing argument not to be resented, while enjoying its surroundings like never before.

Toy Story 3 (2010)

If there is a film that practically does not need presentation in any of the formats in which we can get to enjoy it, that is evidently Toy Story, in this case the third installment of the famous animated saga. With a greater ability to offer backgrounds and textures to the characters, it is clear that these toys have marked the childhood of millions of people, and seeing them in three dimensions is something we cannot stop doing.

Tron: Legacy (2010)

When it comes to harnessing three-dimensional technology to make real imaginary worlds clear, we have to quote Tron: Galaxy as one of the best proposals that are part of the genre in Free mp4 movie . Probably few others have such a level of special effects that everyone can enjoy, without losing sight either because it is an adaptation of the '80, double the difference is appreciated.


If we think of films made almost purely and exclusively to make the most of the technological advances of the new era, there is no doubt that Avatar, by James Cameron, will be among the public's favorites. Regarding this film we must say that not only is one of the highest grossing in history, but also contributed in a remarkable way to the massiveness of 3D, and so will always be remembered.

Gravity (2013)

But now, if you want to sit in front of the big screen or your TV, and enjoy the experience of a film produced for all three dimensions, then we have no doubt that Gravity is the best option you have on hand. In this case, it is one of those films that if it is not bright it is entertaining, and the reality is that all the effects are maximized when we see Sandra Bullock floating in outer space, after her International Space Station has been destroyed.