When you look around at life and see tragedy and despair

and no matter how you try…you cannot make things fair


Sometimes the best that you can hope for when the day is done

is to balance all the sorrow with a little laughter…a little fun.


So to escape the sadness that surrounds us…at least for a little while

we paddled our kayaks to an island to find some things to make us smile.


For when we’re feeling sorrow and frustration with the ball in mankind’s court 

we find it helps to to get away…and turn to nature for support.


So let me offer up some balance…at least for a little while

By sharing some of what we saw…some of the things that made us smile.


We got to the water early as the sun was about to rise…

and once we started paddling we couldn’t believe our eyes.


For not only was she announcing the beginning of a brand new day

but her light across the water helped to guide us on our way.


The water was calm and salty…the panorama wide…

our kayaks on the undulating waves seemed like a magic carpet ride.


When we reached the island we dispensed with the water shoes we wore

so we could feel the sand between our toes as we walked along the shore.


We shared our walk with sandpipers, and herons and seagulls in the sky

and as we searched the shore for shells…a stingray who swam by.


The sun was warm, the breeze was cool…the water…refreshingly mild

and once when I looked back though I can’t be sure… think our shadows smiled.


For a little while we only thought of the ocean, the animals and the land

For a little while it was enough…to make footprints in the sand…


As we returned to shore we thanked nature for presenting things to make us smile…

and for providing us a place to get away…

at least for a little while.