Batel was showing me
how to fold up
my shirt sleeves
although I knew how


I liked her fingers
touching my arm
her eyes searching me
as she did it


got it?
she asked
sure it looks easy
when you do it


she walked off smiling
and I watched her
wiggling backside
move away


I carried on
with my work
at the nursing home
making beds


tidying up
the rooms
taking some
of the old guys


to the lavatory
or for a bath
or talking with them
about the old days


about their war
dead friends


and old Sidney
singing the Red Flag


loudly as he bathed
his croaky voice
very moving
and I sang along


to make him happy
but it was Batel
who came to me later
and said


how's the shirt sleeves?
they’ve come down again
I said
shall I do them


again for you?
that'd be good
you are flirting
she said smiling


I’m working
I said
on me


she said
as if I would
I said
she folded up


my shirt sleeves
and I sensed her fingers
on my skin
maybe you could


come to my place
she said
for a coffee sometime?
you're married


I said
I’m asking to coffee
not to marry me
she said


I said
be good
and she went off


wiggling that backside
of hers
Hey Benny
old George


called to me
take me to the bog
I'm in need
of a piss


ok George
I’m on my way
and I thinking of Batel
and a promise of a kiss.


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