#fire #burning #flying #wings #rebirth #reset #death


Cremate this body

and scatter these ashes,

leave nothing behind,

and tie up all lose ends,


No grave to hold the soul back,

freed from this bondage,

fire will help you to break

the cycle of life and death








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Fire and God in the Light of Blue #7

The damp wind is not my partner.

The clay earth is not my lover.

The cat that eats eternity 

Only chews the fragments of forgotten dreams.

Dante felt the swelling fear,

But he

Like me

Was only punishing the pink softness.

Not seeing the green,

We drift


In deserts of nothing more.

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The Sun Calls to the Winged One


you can reach it

the sun is so near

feel the desire to burn

you can hear its voice

calling to your soul

the closer you are

the stronger the pull will be

your wings will be exhausted

the eyes of your heart

will be open wide

the pain will not last forever

but you must get closer

you are changing into fire

its warmth, your life

all will be set aflame

the old will die

and the new will be born