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Mystery Of Birth

1. Where had I been before I was born?

     I had been nowhere
     Before I was born on earth.
     Now God made me 'I'.

2. Where had you been before you were born?

     You had been nowhere
     Before you were born on earth.
     Now God made you 'you'.

3.  Where had he been before he was born?

      He had been nowhere
      Before he was born on earth.
      Now God made him 'he'.

4.   Where had she been before she was born?

      She had been nowhere
      Before she was born on earth.
      Now God made her 'she'.


5. Where had they been before they were born?

They had been nowhere

Before they were born on earth.

Now God made them they’.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mankind's Mystery Before Birth!

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Mystery kitchen pantry

poems 1

The pantry that is a mystery 
You put food in it and it 
never to be found again 
Mystery kitchen pantry 
Mystery kitchen pantry 
I wonder where the
food go does 
it go to a mystery 
World where food 
Go to never to be found again 
Because I know you buy 
Cans of food a put it in the 
Kitchen pantry but when you 
Look for the cans of food and 
Can't find it is a mystery 
© Amanda Kay Hill

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A dusty door

A long letter takes time to write 

When a perfect past has made you blind 

You're poor Present is a purple mystery or,

A dusty door to a forbidden history 

A silent soule is holding you back, 

from mysterious creatures that will get you on track 

But you will still think that you're empty life is great,

that golden gifts will come if you just...