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Sinner's Circle

Welcome to the land of thievery and dead chivalry.
A bustling city where stand up guys can't even get up on their feet.
This place is incomplete in need for someone to lead.
As the belly of the city aches for justice and peace police do nothing.
But feed it cruel brutality on citizens who pay their pensions.
Do I need to mention the tyrants who embrace the violence.
Killing as the whole neighborhood is watching in silence.
You know what the real problem is here.
Money and power the combination that corrupted this nation.
If you don't believe it your local news station is confirmation.
Or if you still don't believe it your peer's corpse is evident.
This been happen for ages can't blame the presidents.
That's entirely irrelevant in our current situation's development
Welcome to Sinner's Circle where death or incarceration.
Is the society's playlist sounds sick but that's how it is...

Birds on the Nest

There was a bird's nest in the tree

There's only a sister to the other three

They barely chirp in glee, 

At times, they may but will just end suddenly


When mother and father are away

A commotion will start without any delay

You'll hear brother birds chirp angrily

And little sister bird in a sad melody 


Brother birds are always rude

They hurt her whenever they could

Sister bird always get bruised

But telling their parents, she never would


She'll just let out those pains to a cry

With the thoughts of asking 'why? '

She'll say a prayer into the skies

As tears shed down from her eyes


One day, sister bird's patience got exhausted

She finally hit back big brother bird

With tears in her eyes, she yelled

'When you're old, I'll never help you when you're in need! '


Brother bird got angry and shouted

'You want to be killed! '

Furiously she answered

'Then make sure you left me dead! '


Time passed and the little birds have grown, 

She decided to fly away from home

Never afraid to live on her own

She's determined to be alone


Through the dark, through the storm

She's able to carry on

Though not having a shoulder to lean on

Sister bird has grown too strong


Through betrayals, through troubles

She stood by her principles

Her fighting spirit is unstoppable

She seemed to be unbreakable


After years of  doing  her best

She went back to visit that nest

Sister bird has now earned success

While brother birds are still in mess


She's supposed to be happy

Isn't this what she wanted to see? 

Brother birds to beg for her mercy? 

Yet her heart is filled with pity


She helps them when they're in need

A contradiction to what she has said

She can never be mean as they did

So sister bird just write it as a poem instead