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The Goat and the Horse

One day, a goat and a horse met. The majestic, brown stallion showed off its skills as the goat watched, then the horse spake, "Ha, you filthy animal, you are talentless." The goat then proceeded to produce milk which would provide nutrition for everyone, he then spake, "My dear friend, do not be so haughty, for everyone serves a purpose."


Moral: everyone is good for something.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was reading some of Aesop's Fables and decided to write this.

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Out of Orbit

Mariana Canales Backhoff

Jesus Alatorre

Out of Orbit

Sun admired Earth from afar. He watched as Earth danced around him, as he wished to show his affection, he shined brighter for her. Appreciative of his warmth, the Earth spun endlessly, revealing her many beautiful facets. “You have to be careful” said Moon, her most loyal friend and guardian, “Sun is dangerous, he may be keen of you, but he shines the same for all who dance around him”, he warned. Earth, enamored and blinded, saw no truth to this, for she only saw the Sun’s light, never ending and warm. Another morning came and while she danced around as usual, she crossed paths with Venus. “I see you’ve been prancing and twirling all around the sun” said Venus. “He is beautiful”, said Earth. “He is. Why don’t you get closer to him?” asked Venus. “Well I’ve never tried, I don’t think I should, I have to follow my path.” To this, Venus replied slyly, “I guess you’ll never know what it’s like to be this close to him, then”, she said in a triumphant tone that made Earth turn green with jealousy. “That’s not true! I can go and bask ever closer to his warmth as I please!”, she replied exasperated. “Then why don’t you? You think you’re as beautiful as I am, but you don’t dare step up? Don’t make me laugh!”, she said as she parted ways with the Earth. Moon overheard this, and spun around Earth as he told her of her worth, her beauty and her elegance. But Moon’s kindness was not enough. The seas battered, the winds raged and howled, storms brewed as they hid Earth’s weeping face from Moon’s soft glow. When she finally ended her tantrum, and Moon was once again at her side, pleading for her wellbeing, she spoke up. “I will no longer sit idly by, I have made up my mind, and I will take what is mine”. “Earth, please, of all the heavenly bodies, you are the most- “ horrified, Moon fell silent and observed Earth’s battered face, rivers of lava flowing as volcanoes erupted wildly, and her lush green tones turned ashen, her majestic oceans went black. Even if her outer turmoil had been calm for just a second, her interior was still a raging chaotic mess. She leaped forward, mad with envious temptation, towards Sun. Moon couldn’t stand the sight, and looked away as Earth’s inner fires were outshined by a blast of light. The other planets looked on horrified as the liveliest dancer among them faded. Sun stayed silent as the others blamed him, for surely he had tricked poor Earth with his charm. Only  Moon knew of how Earth had boiled from within, turning barren and burnt. “Why? Why? If anyone was untouchable by envy, it was you, who was most beautiful, serene and proud ”, he mumbled softly as he drifted into darkness.

Lesson: Temptation and envy lead to insecurity, and can turn the best of us into the worst of us.

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