Emerson Lake & Palmer

In Loving Remembrance Of Keith Emerson

They brought the curtain down through relentless endeavor

Enough to illustrate to me that no one stays forever

Assailed to the point that one life was curtailed

Overcome by assumptions that he had somehow failed

His psyche was too frail, too meager and too eager to please

Seized with thoughts of worthlessness he flickered in the breeze

Thoughtlessly tossed about he grieved in the leaves of a toxic salad

Doubting his value, so shrunken snd pallid and feeling invalid

Cruelly condemned and considered a cripple

While merciless messages continued to ripple

Faded accolades they once did breathlessly shower

Replaced by careless stabs at his diminished powers

His genius at the keyboard, the foundation of his fame

A legacy preserved despite damaged nerves and confidence maimed

He left his stamp, but out goes the lamp and welcoming beacon

Strange how words widen our wounds and cause us to weaken

He is out there playing pieces of sheer complexity

With an ample grin and a flask of gin and full dexterity

As tokens of respect are left at his grave

Where mourners weep and kids misbehave

With memories relished and stories embellished

Recalling the days that were hard and hellish

Yet don't look for Keith among his remains

But follow the giggling and toffee stains






Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of my musical heroes Keith Emerson committed suicide last year due to profound depression allegedly stemming from both progressive nerve damage that impaired his keyboard-playing as well as unkind remarks people made in regard to his diminished powers on the internet. That inspired this poem which I wrote last night.