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The best time to travel to Dubai does not match the period when most people have summer vacations. The climate in the United Arab Emirates, as in the rest of the area, is arid and subtropical, which means that it is usually quite hot during all months of the year.

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Dubai has so many tourist attractions to see, there are so many things you can do there, it would be a shame not to take a week of travel to get to know the dubai sightseeing city; moreover, it is precisely during the months of our summer holidays that it is possible to find better offers; for example, on its page, Emirates offers a variety of offers, at least interesting to prepare your trip.


Some refreshing activities to avoid the rigors of heat

Visit the World's Largest Shopping Mall, the Dubai Mall. In it you will find the Dubai Aquarium, the largest in a shopping center. Seeing all the marine species, more than 30,000, that seem to float in the blue of the water is quite a relaxing experience and, above all, very, but that very refreshing.

Go skiing (Yes, you read well). You can go down a track400 metersfull of snow and about 4 degrees of temperature, when, in fact, on the outside, you can reach the 45 degrees! Also you do not need to board the plane with your skis or your board, you can rent them there.

Dubai vacations

Bathe in the sea: You can comfortably go by metro or bus to the beach, direct from the underground air conditioning to the water. The Jumeirah area , excellent on public and free beaches and with one of the most recognizable icons of Dubai, the Burj al Arab luxury hotel , is ideal for cooling off in the rigors of the hottest months. There you can also go to the water park Wild Wadi , the first one built in Dubai .


To walk at night: Undoubtedly, the Dubai Creeck at night offers perfect views for a refreshing walk along its two banks; both from the Souk area of Bur Dubai Excursion and the Great Mosque, as well as the area of the souks of Deira spices, see the illuminated shades of the city reflecting in the water, feel the smell of the sea, it is an option to keep in mind to close a perfect day.

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