Fucked by Drugs

1. Many ppl who say they are happy


or claim to happy


are on drugs and that is fact


those who are not


realize the shittiness of existence.


2. We live in this deluded culture


of self medication and self medication 


by approval of doctor. it is all the same


systematic laughing gas maddness of pill popping, 

pot smoking, etc which has created this false reality

ppl choose to live in in order to cope. 


 But deep down they know its all a lie. 

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Yards Away


Cannabis in my yard you stink my air


My child smells you and she is just nine


Marijuana I know you with that first whiff


Doors away from where I think you grow


I once enjoyed a little discreet taste of you


But had forgotten and want no reminder.


Selfish users and abusers force your stench on us all now


Unwelcome intrusion makes me wince


Maybe others too but I couldn’t know


Not for much longer I wish to tap my feet to another’s music


Watching my garden bloom


City life I see, hear, feel, hate, love you


Without you I tire, with you too

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The warmth, oh it's helping,

Comes on like I'm melting,

Endorphins surge to the brain,

In times of sorrow,

I long for tomorrow,

But the days seem all the same,

So I run to the shelter,

To weather this swelter,

To suppress the feeling of pain,

Oh I know it can't last,

And the times they must pass,

But still I hold on with vain.

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You Are Beautiful

Where does she hide?

Now she is with that boy,

Breathing in his cologne,

Running her hand up and down his leg,

As he looks at her she turns away,

Before she was smoking into the clouds,

Inhaling peace of mind,

A quiet serenity,

Yesterday she was drowning,

She was drowning and couldn't fight,

The waves of her past mauling her into submission,

The bruises went unnoticed by most but not I,

I told her she was safe,

Those things couldn't hurt her anymore,

I am unsure then why she ran,

A mysterious look in her eyes,

Unaware that these monsters,

These demons didn't have to define her,

So now I search for her,

But she is a lost soul,

So seeing her is a complicated endeavour,

No one knows where the real her hides,

Not even her,

But one day she will find herself,

Like all girls do,

And when she looks in the mirror,

She won't just see her beautiful face,

She'll see the smile of the brightest heart,

That was waiting to blind the world,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

accidentally put this under prose, my bad

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