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Mind's Eye

It dies within the blink of an eye,

And i have that hollow callous high.

You float like youve been set in stone,

My punishment is now my home.

I still remember when i was young,

Before the thought even touched my tongue.

A good example of what you fear most,

Before it kills me, become the ghost.


Gaining slowly, building pressure,

Against the threshold.

Gaining slowly, building pressure,

Your face is so cold.


Her eyes grow bigger, theres nowhere you can hide.

Putting out your fire, putting out your pride.

Her lies grow bigger, now everybody run,

The moon is overrated, tonight we praise the sun.


Drug Vice (Narrative Of A Friend)

Back in 08 I had a pal named Jake.
Him and I was one of kind both brilliant minds.
He told stories with his drawings.
One look at his work always tugged on my heartstrings.
He had a dreams to be remember like Picasso.
But those dreams started to die slow when a friend introduce him to tobacco.
Jake started to smoke because he was feeling low.
Found out his first love was his first deserter.
He feels damage getting betrayed by a being he called a significant other.
So of course his self esteem suffer along with his grades.
Then a few days he found out his close cousin died after that he wasn't the same guy.
He always getting high to dull his pain but nothing changed.
He started thinking the bottom of a bottle would kill his sorrow.
So he commences to indulging into alcohol.
Drowning himself in a pool of despair I wanted to jump in and get him out of there.
But he slipped in the deep in he moved on to harder drugs to fulfill his urge.
The drugs resurrected his cousin only Jake could see him.
He felt the freedom away from adversity.
With his cousin ghostly presence Jake was protected.
But when Jake's cousin drifted out of existence.
Jake's high has died now he cries because he has no money to buy anything.
Until he hears a demonic voice giving him a choice.
Either chose to live a life alone or forever have his cousin on his side.
The devil gave Jake a contract to sign Jake made the mistake signed that doted line.
Now his mind is under sinister functions.
Jake spiraled out of control robbing our towns folks to obtain drugs.
Every puff brought back his cousin.
But Jake sees his cousins face disappointment on the decease one's face.
He can't believe Jake turned out this way.
Jake's drug vice ruined his life that devil lied told him drugs would free him.
If you couldn't tell Jake is trapped in hell.
But is not the end of this tale.
Hours later after Jake's cousin reappearance Jake feels so cold, no soul and he wanted to let go.
He wrote a suicidal note then grabbed a rope tied it to a post.
He wrapped the rope around his throat kicked the bucket with force tears pour out of his eyes as he chokes.
I walked in as he was taking his last breath I hang my head down because I witnessed a buddy's death.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is another story I'd painted enjoy