#Dominican Republic; #suicidal cows; #crazy experiences




I always read

that cows were reckless

& pretty oblivious.


I heard tales 

of bovine suicide—

cows that would 

just walk right off of a cliff


It always struck me

as rural legend

until a trip to the D.R.


Riding through small towns

with a couple friends;

we found ourselves mired

in an epic traffic jam


We were sitting still

next to a small pasture.

with cows grazing.


As we sit there 

fuming over the traffic,

we see a cow

walk right off the cliff.


“Did that just happen?”

We’re looking at each other

in stunned silence.


I guess it either ruined
someone’s car

or made someone’s holiday

a bit more festive.


It was a lesson 

for my naïve big city slicker mind.

Cows really do kill themselves

or at least display

no more common sense

than the average citizen.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

average citizen of either country:  theirs or mine.

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