Cant cross the Divide, 
Not black nor white, 
the fork becomes the knife. 

mind froze, ill spoken, 
avoid the margins, 
permanent doze, thoughts broken. 

satanic tendencies, but byronic hero, 
watch the rain fall up, 
transgress your enemies, endless limbo. 

off guard, path eaten, 
end in sight, 
body scarred, but I remain unbeaten. 

restricitions snapped in half, 
obey the diplomats, 
for those that control life, 
repeatedly stare upon the knife. 

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my ode to brotherhood division entitled 'terrorists being grown'

belief system


To grow anything

Love; suffering

require ingredients

catalyst; circumstance


terrorists being grown

abroad and home

an alarming rate

bred with hate


Christian or Sharia

all should care

brothers and sisters

Reside everywhere


brotherhood of man

natural born magicians

loving not hating

no brother berating


reality very different

not heaven sent

controllers in shadows

maximizing humanity blows


Divide and Conquer

not much longer

Humanity coming back

with vengance; Fact


karma checks, balances

ensures all circumstances

pay for actions

should give satisfaction


loving life; sanctified

ensures your life

mantains its vibration

also empire nations


karmic there too

effecting you?

ask, your country

ever been nazi?


keep spreading light

on humanity's side

finding your truth

really help you

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Mali; divide and conquer

current affairs

Sensless loss of life

At the Mali divide

West’s propping up

Their puppet junta

Throughout Africa

Divide and conquer


The west must have

An africa Lion sad

Africa lion roaring

Got to be kidding

Been raped for ages

Divided with hate


Gadaffi of Africa

Chief of all Chiefs

Distributing wealth

To the needy

Replaced by puppets

Central banking; Stop it


Foot in the door

No carers at the core

More concerned with money

Than supporting the needy

Prsaying on weakness

Humanity: Selfishness


Bot always that way

Selfishness and hate

Hacked like a PC

We were: Humanity

Everything re-sets soon

Then a humanity boon


Too far fetched?

Barriers in your head

Good to be hiopeless

Far more positive

Always saying maybe

Replaced with definitely

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