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Devil In Disguise

Why do you always have to call my name

When you know for a fact i dont want you.
Baby your bad news
Your no good. 
You linger through my mind like ill come back to you, 
Like ill pick you up again
When in reality,
Baby thatll never be the case. 
Ive already fought for my freedom from you,
I already let you go. 
Now baby please do the same; 
Let go now, set yourself free.
I have other plans in life, other plans that you will never see.
I dont need a bag of dope or a straw to be apart of me. 
My life, its a crazy one. You know..
But i dont need you there with me, 
So please leave my thoughts and my dreams.
I honestly just want to be free. 
Free from the thoughts, free from pain. 
Pain of the flashbacks, 
Of someone i never wanted to be..
A liar
A theif 
A cheater 
Id do anything in a blink of an eye
To get high..
I dont know
You can answer that.
You are the devil in disguise,
You take over in a blink of an eye. 
Thats all it took me
I was hooked from my first line. 
Not even a full bag and was asking for more.
And more
And more. 
Wish I could go back and never have picked you up.
But that wasnt the case for me
You became my best friend,
Youre all that I wanted.
Now I sit back 2 years later
Thinking how lucky I am
That you didnt fully take me,
You took my mind and my money, 
But you didnt leave me there for dead.
Im luckier than I could ever be. 
So baby, I have let you go
Now why dont you do the same. 
You can leave my thoughts and dreams. 
I wont miss you, 
Id love for you to be gone
It may take a little bit, 
But start finding your way out. 
I am someone different, 
Someone you dont really like,
Someone who wants to be something, 
Not someone who wants to live
Under the control of the devil
Cus thats who you are. 
Theres no questions asks, 
You cant control me,
Now get off my back. 
I will strive harder, I will take control, 
I will be successful all because of you.
You showed me someone I never wanted to be.
So goodbye, farewell, see you never 
And thats good. 
You stay gone forever. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Havent wrote in awhile but this just randomly came to me.