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Rugged Cold War

Welcome to the rugged cold war!
One glimpse of it would make your eyes turn sore.
So be vigilant of what your retinas absorbs.
Because the violence of course can rotten any woman or man to the core.
No matter who you are this how the world works.
Either have the mental toughness or get possessed by the Lucifer's effect.
Fall into the depths of a hell architected by your sins and the lies you tell.
What do you do now dig into your intellect to progress out of this mess.
You need to create sentences to be your deliverance from ignorance.
Repentance is a sincere commitment to change.
That people claim to pertain to but never do.
It's due to the aftermath of the cold war.
Watching that much madness corrupts the masses to do the same practice.
So change doesn't even matter anymore.
Thanks to the Rugged Cold War.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss (If Treachery Involved)

Ignorance is bliss but I want to know more than this!
Why everyone try to impact me with a fist when I'm trying to be a pacifist.
Like I'm serious everyone is enemies with me but I'm still speaking about peace and unity.
Even if I'm a social pariah I'm never stopping because of someone's animosity.
I'm here to send my message to society.
I'll be delighted to know who's stopping me.
Because the prophecy moving in high velocity.
Also I'm not the prophet I'm just the guy who's standing behind it.
But before we move in full stride we have these demons to exercise.
Don't listen to these other guys they're force feeding you lies every time.
Poisoning your minds with malignant intelligence with every chance that they get.
Terrifying you to the point you lose your wits and call quits.
Their main objective is to see us submit.
But they fail to see what we have deep inside.
And that's motivation we have great minds to elevate a whole nation to start embracing unification.
Knowledge is power so ignorance is bliss is out of the equation.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think ignorance is bliss to a certain extent like if there's evil actions involved

Demons: Old poem from last summer, I don't feel this way anymore, but wow

i try to stay stable but my thoughts come out from under the table,

demons screaming how much i am not able to be myself

its hard to feel so unreal, tell what it takes to be healed.

to feel so comfortable in the skin that i am in why do these things eat me from within?

why do i feel as if everything i do is a sin?

why cant i be happy, why cant i be me wether or not they will see?

why am i alone in bed with horrible things in my head?

why cant i go out and feel complete, feel secure i know i have this life to endure.

i have faith

 the signs have showed me that fate makes you wait

it ends up perfect and safe

..but this anxiety & fear runs rampent until tears stream down my face

but i like it i like when the emotion takes place

i want be healed i want to be happy

always trying and ending in incompletion

when can i be who i am without any fear?

when will the demons disapear?