death maybe comfort

Venom: Part Three...Comfort

VENOM; the series

Comfort is a sin at times deadly not many
people think of; there too busy thinking
about themselves...
the weary cry because their back hurts;
in the comfort of rest they find healing-
my back hurts, yet weary I am not...
nor too comfortable in my own skin; this
life is borrowed time.
Comfort is taken and respected when I
awake each day; the comfort of living
one more day. Comfort shouldn't be taken
for granted, death we should...
even then your eternal sleep may not be
comfortably welcomed!
After a long day's work, rest the mind, find
comfort in the time given to rest...
comfort is not a virtue; its a right earned,
but must be taken lightly--too comfortable
in your workplace may guide you to the
'new job listing' section of today's newspaper...
recently out the door!
In a relationship, comfort is trust!...which, is
lost early when comfort is met too soon--
hence the saying, "Too close for comfort."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

don't get too comfortable...anywhere.

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