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Tape Worms

Surrounded by evil 

and androgyny


Living in 

hell called earth 


Amongst the vile

and the sick


Spiritually depressed

by way of the invasion


of the parasite


An alien planet called earth

full of cloked predators 


Trusting no one but god


just wanting this nightmare called

life  to end 


Rapture me up to the promised



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Blotted Out




Blasphemy of the 



Decry of



Blotted out



A mind

to reject


Satanic forces control



Performing evils

for pleasure


A mind lost,

a soul sold


Satan’s child,




for survival 



for truths 



and masquerading


In the form of a



Like a pig devouring 

the rotten meat left behind 


Never satisfied,

ever hungry for the ritual

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Prick the Finger

Abomination of the omen,

desolate temple of a false religion 


One world under one 

spirit of an Antichrist 


Come to lead the world

into inferno 


A child,

who will be worshipped as god


Thorns will cascade,

the briar will grow


Many will prick their finger on the spinning

wheel and die


Taking the mark of the beast 

forever in bondage to a lie


The bottomless pit will swallow them all,

filling the belly of the beast 


Many will knock at heavens 

gate and be rejected 


Gods will be



and for “his” crime 

he will burn


thrown into the lake of



scorched into



Never again to 



The prophecy fulfilled,

the book closed forever

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Don't Be Fooled by Makeup and Plastic Surgery


Tranny you do not fool

my eyes


Tranny: I see right through

your lies


Invert: I know who you 



Invert: I know you worship

the 5 pointed star


Once my dick

was fooled by your black magic


Once under that spell that most

are still under


Disgusted by myself

and these abominations


I repented to god for my sins

and felt the shame of all those years


Realizing that we live in Sodom and Gomorrah,

Gog and Magog, Skull in Bones, Babylon


I hope others will begin to see the lies that surround them

and to see the tares among the wheats.


That Christ will return and rapture us out of this living hell

and put the devil on his knees.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

There are witches and evil people who are actively using witchcraft to keep you in their matrix of baphomet worship. TV is apart of the programming to make you conform to their reality of evil and to not see what is right in front of your face.

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Animal Pharmacy

Living death,

living hell,


Cancerous flesh,

Poisoned blood


Genetic affliction,

spiritual interfering


Hacking of the mind,

trapping of the soul


Medications prescribed,

to blind your 3rd eye


To make you go asleep

and conform like a sheep


Medications of poison,

antidepressants of evil


Poisons of the goat,

delivered by your pharmacist


To keep you on the farm

and inside the stocks


A tamed horse,

a broken beast





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Effigy of the Accursed Image

Feminine men,

masculine women,


World of inversion



This suffocation of evil,

which never relents


This constant spiritual

oppression of malevolence


Temples of baal abound,


Effigies of abominations



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Barbecue in Hell

Their skulls

melt like wax

in the fires

of hell


Damned forever

by god,

their they dwell

gnashing their teeth


So many souls

doomed forever,


Reaping what they sow

in the pit


Fires that never die,

here they cook


Human flesh



Devoured by satan,

devoured by demons


Food for the malevolent,

afterthoughts of despair

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Ward Away the Evil Spirits with Jesus

Demons are real

and they feed off negative energy


If you don't n have god in your heart

and engage in activities of sin


You make yourself prey to them

and they will harvest and leech your essence


This material world is not as material as you think

and overlaps with demonic realms


We are under attack as Christians constantly

and with all the temptation it becomes easy to be perverted


and forgot who you are at the core


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I was born for metal;

to become a legend in the art


If only I had time to practice

on my guitar


I could produce pain

in the form of sound


I could satisfy the sadists

like me


I could do something worthwile

but nay


I am distracted by my life;

a job


Which offers nothing;

and takes everthing




I am tortured by the mundaine;




I am forced to cope

with mediocrity



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