#Dark #Gloomy #Bleak #angry #sadness # lonely


Prose Poetry

Feeling Dark and Blue under the alluvium 

tears of pain run a rivers stream

The hug and cuddle do little

other than allay. 

I am so Blue...

behind the darkest Eclipse.

Black has Attacked!

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This is not my forte
I forswear the cuts and slashes
Qui vive as the sands of time blow away
Dark, star filled skies of dreams
Slowly becoming dimmer 
What has become of us?
This corrupted world
A place of torment for the damned
The strong lose strength
The weak crumble and blow away with the wind
Crimson skies raining blood that is shed to feel alive
Once curvaceous queen to a skeleton of time 
Working overtime for bones.
Green with envy
Hopes and dreams of becoming a thin memory
In the dark I wait for the glass to drop
Looking pass the finishing touches of my queen
Sitting on the edge of  sanity while sweet music plays
Leading in to the sacred dance of  BEAUTY...

By Alexus Rolle and Donique Brown