# Dark # Depression

The gray area

Just my poems
I sit here with my face upturned to the sky
Parting my lips and closing them around the sweet addiction that I hold oh so dear to me
Breathing in the stale toxin that gradually infects my lungs
The clouds are forming in gray masses
Matching my pattern of thinking
However I am trapped here
The swirling smoke held inside of me left to build and flow through my mind until it runs through my veins
They are free flowing, the clouds
Free to express themselves on sunny days when all is calm; on stormy nights when their cries aren’t so silent
No one questions them
I do not posses that luxury
So until this day and from this night on my storm will be kept inside of me
Except for when the smoke escapes yet again from my parted lips
Stress relief found in a menthol cigarette
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Unnamed whispers

somewhere to explore, somewhere offshore,

you're someone to fall for, again we ignore,

to you, im just a decor,

I'm done for.


How dead do you want me to be,

i wont plea or agree, i want to flee

i'm not here to sightsee, please let me be-

why can't you see, im never free.

Sanity you're killing me!


why is it like this,

why aren't i happy,

why can't i breathe,

i'm underneath all your feet,

i can't cry, my eyes are dry,

i'm no good guy, blue sky watch me die,

can't laugh

can't smile

can't relieve

please, believe what i must achieve,

don't be naive, im here to decieve.


I'm jealous, and shy, 

please reply, i won't defy, i'm so nearby,

take me away from this sky, forgive my lie,

i live but strive-i cant survive.


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Living poor

The countdown begins, 1 week to go
Movin' into a little jail cell called home
Not even a tiny space to call my own
No bars just a white wall
No place to escape
Maybe I'll crawl under my bed
I know it's no use-
for the reds voice will echo through the room 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this 2 years ago during some bad times in my life. I was a college student being forced to move into a studio apartment with my mentally unstable mother.

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