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Taste of Your Own Medicine

Satanic freak

drink some lava


I know you thirst,

perhaps you will be quenched


as your lungs turn to black



As you feel all the pain you have

delt in your life delt back to you


Burning from the inside



Your black heart will

explode like a nuke


blood will burst from your toxic



And the cycle will

be reset


You wil witness your destruction

again and again


Your soul shall find no



The demons you worship and idolize

will torment you forever in hell


Your gods will betray you;

all you will know is pain


My revenge will be complete

when you satanic freaks are 


Forever in chains to the lake of fire,

 Burning Forever


A taste of your own medicine

for a change,


Drink up 

the Fire!!!!





The Dump

Hell will be full

of liars and frauds


Hell will be a giant

dump of human waste


Wasted lives,

unbelieving hearts


Blasphemous spirits,

ignorant minds,


Hell will be bloated

and fat


Where the wicked

find no rest


reminded of their lies,

reminded of their treachery


As judas,

as Cain


As Pharaoh,

as nebuchadnezzar


As Manson,

as Bundy


Thrown in with the worst of the worst;

no discrimination in hell


No resting in peace,

No proper burial


In hell its cremation,

In hell its immolation