# Dark

The Life of Silent Death

I have no name
I have no soul
I know no beginning
I see no end
I do not know I'm alive
All I know is that I am 
And I have a purpose

I never knew my parents
I am the product of a one night stand
A violent encounter
My father moved on when he finished having sex with my mum
Mum didn't care, she just continued of her way

I committed my first kill in the womb
A brother or sister
It didn't matter to me who it was 
It just needed to be done
I needed to be the one
So it was done
It meant nothing
I never gave it another thought

Mum left me as soon as I was delivered
I was dumped and left to fend for myself
She meant nothing to me anyway
She was my just way into life
The cycle began
The moving began
The killing began

Day and night, light and dark
I care not for time
Or place
Or others
I was wary at first
Not scared
For I fear nothing
It is not in my DNA
Because I do not know death
I am invincible

Endless moving always moving never stopping
Moving, eating, killing, moving, eating, killing
Numbingly simple
I feel no remorse
See no wrong
I just go on
I make no plans
I carry no possessions
No mental baggage
I follow the plan that has been since the very beginning  of time

I started to hang out with a pack of like-minded wanderers
We left a trail of terror and death so huge that all feared us
We were kings
We decided who lived and who died
We were unstoppable
We were in the zone
All trembled in our presence

The gang split up and went separate ways
We got too big for each other
It was good while it lasted
But the urges we had had to be satisfied
I needed to be satisfied
I felt the need to procreate
I am, after all, my father’s son
I raped the first female I came across
Did the same to the next few
They meant nothing
But I left my legacy

Most of my kills were quick and clean
Not out of sympathy though
For I feel nothing for them
They were in the wrong place at the right time
I just needed
And they were there

Once when I was attacking a teenager, it almost went bad
Mum and Dad showed up unexpectedly
Stuck their noses into my business
She bled out anyway
I’ll find another

In just 20 years 
I have covered thousands of kilometres 
No one challenges me
My size and power scare all
My black pitiless eyes look at everyone as a target
No one is safe when I am around
No one

The papers wrote of my exploits
Never left out a gory detail
I was feared and worshipped
I neither knew or cared
The bodies piled up
I just kept going
I knew no other way

I do not know of other intelligence
I think of no one
But someone thought of me
There is always someone
He saw a weakness in me
I have no weakness
I am invincible

He had a plan
He studied me
Looked for chink in my armour
He followed my trail
Detailed my movements
He thought
Whereas I just acted
He was patient
He was the ultimate adversary 
He was meticulous, cunning
And devious
More devious that I

He set his trap 
He baited it
He watched it
He waited
He wanted me
He wanted me so bad
He could taste it

The hunter was now the prey
The game had begun
I was public enemy number one, though I did not know of my fame
I only knew that I was
I saw nothing else
This was not going to end well for one of us

I had never matched wits before
I didn't have any to use
I go on instinct alone
Always had, always will
I fear nothing 

So this is where you find me
The king crestfallen and broken
My own needs used against me
I never thought
At all

His plan had worked and worked well
His hooks had bitten deep and true
His web fine but strong
I never saw the danger
I fear nothing
I taste blood in my mouth
My blood
I feel victim pain for the first time
It means nothing to me
I feel nothing,  even for me
Pitiless to the end

My body lies bleeding and limp on the dockside
A crowd has gather to see the show
They ooh and aah
He stands next to my corpse
Posing for pictures
I suppose he deserves it
He has won
I have lost
It meant nothing to me 
For I knew nothing
I only knew that I was

So there you have it
My story
Gruesome and real
My cold black eyes will haunt you forever
You will see them in your nightmares 
My many victims will never know of my demise
The killer with no soul
No heart
No feelings
It took the ultimate predator to bring my reign to an end

He is a man

I was a shark

This work is copyright. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process, nor may any other exclusive right be exercised, without the permission of Neville John Gourley, 2 Sarah Court, Capalaba, Queensland 4157, and dated 22-04-2013.

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